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Seize Opportunities.

Currency trading offers huge return potential.

Full Control.

Currency trading is extremely transparent.

Trading 24/7.

Currency trading happens 24 hours 7 days a week.

Your Key To Success.

Levestor is automating currency trading.

What's the story of LEVESTOR?

LEVESTOR is the result of intense and highly complex research and development work carried out since 2006.

Our aim was ever since to open currency trading for rather small investment amounts while the system also works with huge investments.

The team behind Levestor consists of financial professionals, mathematicians, engineers and economic scientists. 

Automated currency trading was thus far reserved for big investors, banks and trustees.

We changed exactly that!

Using LEVESTOR, investors are now able to access the automated currency trading market with a minimum investment of 10.000€.

Invest from 10.000 €

Open a Levestor account with a minimum investment amount of  10.000€.

No Account management fees

You will not be charged for account management. 

permanent access

Access your account and statistics online or via our app and reproduce every single trade live. Inpayments and deposits can be ordered anytime. 

personal consultation

Our team of professionals are available via telephone, email and support chat. 

Risk management

Our team of risk managers is able to take the Levestor system offline temporarily in cases of extraordinary political or economic circumstances. 

Manual risk structure

Define in advance how much risk you are willing to take. 

potential maximization

Levestor is issuing trades based on facts and thus eliminates emotional decisions. 


Levestor is limiting losses in single trades and pocketing profits autonomously. 

Open your Levestor account in 4 simple steps

1. Signup with STO

By clicking on the button below, you are getting redirected to the official signup form of our broker STO. Do you need support signing up the form? Let us know and we are happy to assist.

2. Identification Check

In the context of signing up with STO you are required to prove your identity by submitting specific documents to STO. If you need assistance with this step, please contact us.

3. Asset Management Agreement

After signing up with STO, please confirm your registration by clicking on the link in the email which is sent to you right after submitting the form.

In the next step you will get access to the QUANTIC Asset Management Agreement which you need to sign and send back to LEVESTOR.

4. Inpayment and start of trading

As soon as your investment was transferred to your STO account the Levestor system will start trading. From now on, you are able to see all trades live in the app. Additionally, you will be receiving monthly reports from STO.


Why do I need to open an account with the broker STO?
Why do I need to sign a proxy?


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